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HELP! Earning Extra Cash! Easy Money
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You really can earn extra cash!
We’re going to HELP! you!

From dollars to a living.
From recycling to web programs, to starting your own business and more,
find out how easy it is to make cash in...
HELP! Earning Extra Cash! Easy Money

This series fully expands a chapter in Series 1, and assists consumers, Earning Extra Cash. Series 2 is not a get rich quick scheme; it is for anyone who would like to learn how they can earn extra cash with little effort, or turn that effort into a full time job. Covering everything from recycling, to working at home and web based advertising incentive programs, this series is sure to please, and add dollars to everyone’s pocket.  ISBN # 978-0-9829282-2-6

• We tell you what programs are available that can put money in your pocket.
• We give you insider information.
• We make it easy, give you step-by-step instructions.
• We give you the tools which enable you to make CASH, real money . . . really!

• How you can earn extra money with little  effort
• What recycling programs put cash in your pocket
• What incentive programs save you money
• How to make money with your old stuff  
• The ins and outs of earning extra cash on the web
• How to start your own small business

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Everyone could use some extra money...
We’re not promising you a get rich quick scheme -
We WILL give you information and explain what  
you can easily do to put some extra cash
in your pocket or more ... no fooling!

HELP! Earning Extra Cash!
we make life simple
we’ve got the information you need to make Easy Money!

this HELP! series 2 gives you the information you need to know
in an easy to read publication, with simple guides, tips 
inside information...and a BONUS Free Stuff Section!
PLUS a web forum to find out what you want to know!! 
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Earning Extra Cash!

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