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HELP! Benefits & Assistance Made Easy

Seek And Ye Shall Find  

Section One:
 Keep it Together - Stay Organized  
 Know Your Needs
 Help diary
 Creating Folders Bills/Assets/Applications
Section Two:
 Help! One Stop Resource Shopping
 The Library
 Telephone Book
 Free Computers
 Help on the Web
 Local Help
 Assemblyman & Councilman
 Community & Civic Organizations
 Houses of Worship  
Section Three
 Help! The Big Picture
 Public Assistance/Welfare/TANF
 Charity Organizations & Other Help
Section Four:
 Help! I’m Hungry
 Local Food
 Other Options
 Government Assistance
    Food Stamps/ SNAP
Section Five:
 Help! I Can’t Pay My Utility Bills
 Go Local
 Free & Discounted Phone Service
 Public Assistance
Section Six:
 Help I Need Cash
 What Can I Do For Cash?
 Government Cash Assistance
 Retirement Benefits
 Death & Survivor Benefits
 Veterans Benefits

Section Seven:
 Help! I Can’t Afford Medical Care
 Government Assistance
 For Women
 Children’s Health care
 Local Medical Assistance
 Prescription Assistance
Section Eight:
 Help! I Can’t Afford Rent/Mortgage
 If you are Homeless
 Unable to Pay Rent?
 Community Outreach Programs
 Public Housing
 Affordable Housing
 Unable to Pay Your Mortgage
 Other Help
 If You’ve Lost Your Home
Section Nine:
 Help! I Need A Job
 State Unemployment Insurance Program
 Government Programs
 Ticket To Work
 Senior & Disabled Job Placement
 A Sample Resume
Section Ten:
 Help! I’m A Senior
 Senior Organizations
 Senior Meal Programs
 Senior Housing
Section Eleven:
 Help! I’m Disabled
 American Disabilities Act
Section Twelve:
 Help! I’m A Victim of A Crime
 Crime Victim Assistance
 National Programs
 Domestic Violence
Section Thirteen:
 Help! I Need Legal Assistance
 Low Cost or Free Legal Services
 Notary Public
Section Fourteen:
Help! ...Free Tax Preparation
series 1 HELP! Benefits & Assistance Made Easy
A Practical Reference for Everyone!

This simple to follow publication is chock full of the information you want to know ...
covering Federal & State benefits to local
and other assistance, and more!
Insider info from someone who’s been there!

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The Help Series™  ©  2010 MAP/PMS Productions Inc.  All rights reserved.