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Everyone could use some extra money...
We’re not promising you a get rich quick scheme -
We will give you information and  explain what  
you can easily do that could put some extra cash in your pocket or to make a living ... no fooling!

HELP! Earning Extra Cash!
information you need to make Easy Money!

this HELP! series 2 gives you the information you need to know in an easy to read publication, with simple guides, tips inside information...and a BONUS Free Stuff Section!
LUS a forum to find out what you want to know!! 
 series 2
HELP! Earning Extra Cash!
 your guide to Easy Money ... Really
Table Of Contents

Introduction  3
Section One 
Quick Cash ....5  
Selling Stuff 6
Garage Sales 6
Flea Markets  7
Auctions & Listings 9
Specific Markets 10
Selling CDs, Books, DVDs 13
Recycling Pays 15
Sell Your Used Cell Phone 16
Sell Your Old Electronics 18
Appliances 19
Cans & Bottles 20
Selling Scrap Metal 21
Selling Used Ink Cartridges 22
Newspapers & Cardboard 23
Selling OldSoftware 25
Selling Used Golf Balls 26
Recycling Containers 27
Money From Trash 28

Section Two
Long Term Easy Money 29
Selling Stuff 30
Consignment shops 30
Recycling Bins 31
Other Recycling  34
Save Energy Earn Money 35
Money Saving Tips 36

Section Three
Internet Cash 37
Internet Payments 38
Paid Surveys 30
Focus Groups 41
Reading Ads For Cash 41
Money Networking 44
Ad Money Networking 46  
Your Own Social Network 47
Blogging For Cash 48
Writing For Money 50
Your Own Website 52

Section Four
Internet Living 54
Work From Home 55
Online Store - Ecommerce 58
Free Stores 62
Your Own Store 63
Drop Ship Products 64
Blogging For A Living 65
Money From Ads 66
Section Five
Promotion 67
General Promotion 68
Web Promotion 69
Online Marketing 70

Section Six
Your Own Business 72
Small Business Beginning 73
Expenses  74
Plan  75
Other Help 76

Bonus Section
Free Stuff 77
On The Web 78
Free Software 79
Free Phone 79
Free TV & Movie  80
Rewards Programs 82
Other Free Stuff 82
Free Samples 83
Bartering 86